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Being a real estate agent and in the business for over 20 years allowed me to see many ups and downs in the market as well as manage a variety of clients and deals.

With years of experience, I like to prepare my clients with as much information as possible, as well as understand what to expect next in the transaction.

My ultimate thought process is to reduce and manage that stress for them. My goal is not just to find a great house or sell their home at top dollar but to make sure it is an easy process and one they can discuss a pleasant experience. 

Many days you are managing most of the job virtually by connecting to clients, lenders, and other agents. Many times this can feel isolating even when you work with a team.

You want and need to have a positive mindset and stay motivated to push through many of the challenges of the day.  

A few ways that I help to stay focused throughout the day is by listening to podcasts and audiobooks while driving to appointments, meeting new clients, and showings. 

Many of my favorite authors and podcasters provide positive insights and encouragement.

Sharing quotes on my social media has been a way I not only inspire myself but share with others so they feel a little bit of positivity as well. It allows you to genuinely connect to others who need that boost of positivity too.

Inspirational Quotes

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from when I started working on my marketing in my earlier years in the business and taking a different approach to connecting and helping my clients online.

Many of the leaders in Real Estate have been around for years and coached a different way of growing a “successful” business.  Many of their ways go against what I believe in and what my clients and potential clients want.

The reason I feel this way is many of my clients who connected with me say things like, “Wow you are a breath of fresh air.  I never met a real estate agent like you.”, or “Nicole, the reason I connected to you was because of your different approach. I normally do not work with agents.”

So when you hear what the majority of people are doing it can be hard to find YOUR way. These resonate the most with me and hopefully, you will stay on your unique path of self-development:

“Great service is the ultimate luxury. ”— Nicole Mickle

“Stay true to yourself. People respond to authenticity.”—Barbra Streisand

“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it.”— Unknown

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”-Abraham Lincoln

“You have to be odd to be number one”—Dr Suess  (I focus on being my authentic self even when it doesn’t resonate with the masses)

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope”-George Washington Carver

“I am not perfect, but I am a limited edition”—Unknown

“You will never influence the world by trying to be like it”—Unknown

“Do it with passion or not at all”—Rosa Nochette Carey

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”—Steve Jobs

“All great achievements require time”—Maya Angelou  (This one is what you need to hear when you are in a longer process to get to an end result)

“Doing what you like is Freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness.”—Frank Tyger

“Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.”—Jim Rohn

“Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream”-Serena Williams

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier”—Colin Powell  (Goes with being tenacious)

“Gratitude begins where the sense of entitlement ends.” — Steven Furtick

“The more you are thankful, the more you have to be thankful for.” — Unknown

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Faith does not make things easy, it make them possible. — Luke 1:37

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. — Bobby Unser

“Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.” — Unknown

“Try being informed instead of just opinionated” — Unknown

“Confidence is silent.  Insecurities are loud” — Unknown

Motivational Quotes About Your Purpose

 Leading with a PURPOSE is what is most important for me and providing the best care of my clients.  So these are motivating:

“As we work to create light for others we naturally light our own way.”— Mary Anne Radmacher

“Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.” — Alice Hocker

“We rise by lifting others.” — Robert Ingersoll

“Do it with passion or not at all.” — Rosa Nochette Carey

“Strive Not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” — Albert Einstein

“Purpose is the reason you journey, passion is the fire that lights your way.” — Unknown

“Go into the world and do well.  But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” — Minor Myers

“Stop selling, start helping.” — Zig Ziglar

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Inspirational Quotes for Self-Confidence

At the beginning of my career, I made many MISTAKES or felt I could have done a better job. These are the quotes that resonate with me the most:

“Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.” — Unknown

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” — Dr. Robert Schullen

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” — Truman Capote

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” — Henry Kissinger

“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” —Vince Lombardi 

Quotes About Working with Others

When working with others on your closing team. Whether it is the other agent on the side of the deal,  the title company, the photographer, or the cleaning crew, it takes a village to get the job done, and life is happening to all of us, and I like to extend grace as much as possible:

“I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“No gesture is too small when done with gratitude.” — Oprah Winfrey 

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” — Dr. Robert Schullen (This is one I share with clients as well, when I would handle tough deals like short sale, divorce or death in a family.  These are not the easiest deals, but I want to support clients in every day!)

“Remember the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss says go—A leader says ‘Let’s go.'” — E. M. Kelly

“Silence is the most powerful scream.” — Unknown (Sometimes it is better to keep it to yourself, and most impactful statement)

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” — Aristotle

“The easiest thing is to react.  The second easiest thing is to respond, but the hardest thing to initiate.—Seth Godin 

“Those that bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.”—James M. Barrie (Always be the sunshine as much as possible.  It will reward you for years and years in the business.  You never know where relationships will take you)

“A simple hello lead to a million things.”—Unknown (whenever you connect to new people in or out of the business you never know how you can help others and how others want to help you.  So a simple hello or a kind gesture could lead to so many amazing things)

Quotes About Facing Challenges

When faced with CHALLENGES and Frustration:

“Focus on the outcome, not the obstacle.” — Unknown

“You can do anything but not everything.” — David Allen

“In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.” — Albert Einstein (know that it is hard, but it is more important to become

Strategic and find the Benefits and opportunities.)

“Breathe in confidence and exhale fear.” — Unknown

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” — John Wooden

“No rain. No Flowers.” — Unknown (I interpret this with this is apart of the process of growth and achievement.)

“When nothing goes right, turn left”—Unknown

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”—Robert H. Schiller

“Success in life comes not from holding a good hand, but in playing bad hand well”—Denis Waitley 

“If there is no struggle.  There is no progress”—Frederick Douglass  (remember some of the greatest outcomes may be the most uncomfortable)

“Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible”—Audrey Hepburn

“If there is no struggle.  There is no progress”—Frederick Douglass  (remember some of the greatest outcomes may be the most uncomfortable)

“Comfortable with being uncomfortable”—Sam T. Ready

“Paralyze resistance with persistence”—Woody Hayes

“Some days you just have to create your own sunshine”—Unknown

Motivational Quotes to Help You Take Action

When you start to plan something NEW, think of these. This is when I am shifting my marketing strategy!

“Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting.” — Larry Page

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” — Unknown

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” — Genni Rometty

“Impossible is just an opinion.” — Paulo Coelho

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. —Socrate

“Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.” — Steven Furtick

“Starve your distraction and feed your focus.” — Daniel Goleman

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” — George Washington Carver

“All great achievements require time”—Maya Angelou  (This one is what you need to hear when you are in a longer process to get to an end result)

“The better person you become. The better person you will attract”—Unknown   (used this in life and in marketing thoughts)

“The quieter you become.  The more you can hear”—Ram Dass  (Definitely use this in the process of listening to my clients and focus on what they need.  Building from the is the best strategy)

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier”—Colin Powell  (Goes with being tenacious)

Inspirational Quotes to Boost Your Creativity

Need help getting into a CREATIVE mindset:

“Grow through what you go through.”— Unknown

“Beautiful minds inspire others.” — Unknown

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas. — Donatella Versace

“Passions energy, Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”— Oprah Winfrey

“No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world.” — Robin Williams

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” —Bobby Unser

Motivational Quotes About Valuing Yourself

When people question your VALUE. The real estate market is severely over-saturated in Florida and other markets across the US.  You kneed to understand your value, and then others will know WHY you are their choice. So when you allow comparison, These are great quotes:

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”—Albert Einstein

“If you are your authentic self you have no competition”— Scott Stratten

“Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost”— Emil Juresic

“Reputation is what others know about you.  Honor is what you know about yourself.”— Lois McMaster Bujold

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”— Benjamin Graham

“If you are your authentic self you have no competition.”— Scott Stratten

“Nothing will work unless you do.” — Maya Angelou

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” — Roy E. Disney

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.” — Zig Ziglar

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” — H. Jackson Brown, Jr

“If you want to be trusted, be honest. If you want to be honest , be true. If you want to be true, be yourself.” — Unknown

“You have to be odd to be number one.” — Dr. Seuss

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