Pinterest for Real Estate Agents: How to Grow Your Brand on Pinterest

Sharing the top tips and tricks on how to use Pinterest for real estate agents. Pinterest marketing can help you promote your real estate business and elevate your brand. Read more below for some important Pinterest hacks!

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A few years ago, I noticed a link on Google that said “Best Orlando Communities”. I clicked on that link and noticed that it lead me directly to my Pinterest account. Specifically, it was a board that I had been adding information on new communities to.

This was like a lightbulb moment for me. I started to invest more time in Pinterest. I added pictures and videos as often as I could. Eventually, I had a few Story Pins go viral like this one and this one.

As of April 2021, I currently have 42K followers and receive 10M monthly views.

Outside of the numbers, I am more about creating engagement and connecting with my potential clients. I receive calls and emails on how I can help them build their homes or renovate homes.

Most people like to do their research before they make contact with their realtor. They want to know where they want to go and what their dream home may look like. I help them get into that mindset early and they want a collaborator in the process.

Last year when I had more time to focus on my marketing, I decided to dig even deeper into ways I could grow my reach with potential clients.

It was a lot of fun in the discovery process, and I would like to share some ways other Real Estate agents could use this to attract their ideal clients as I did organically.

Pinterest Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Before you begin the process of posting, think of Pinterest like Google and NOT Instagram.

What are your possible clients searching for when they go to Google? What problems can you help them solve? Share the things third-party real estate portals are not.

The first 4 Steps are critical in creating a solid foundation on Pinterest.  

1) Farm Your Community

Start a board that will include the areas you specialize in. Load information about those homes and communities to position yourself as the expert. Share all of your favorites the ice cream shop, boutique, or bakery.

RESULTS: When someone searches for homes in your farm area on google or the closest pizza place you start to show up on Google. You become a resource they need to connect to.

2) Share Expertise in Your Niche

Sharing how you solve problems for others is what our customers are looking for. Create blog posts that help them with that, like How to Design a Kitchen.

I chose a different approach with New Home Design and Lifestyle connections. Everyone can create a strategy that works for them.

RESULTS: As realtors, we have so much information to share and Google is looking to connect the consumer with this information.

3) Create Group Boards

If you currently have a sphere, this could be an excellent opportunity to invite them to join your group board.

They can see your content/blog posts immediately this way.  This helps to fast-track the information and how you want it to grow and get them to save and share with their friends and family.

RESULTS: The more saves of your blog and other content from your website increase your social proof on Pinterest, to your potential customers, and  Google.

4) Create Hobby Boards

Another way to connect to YOU and also your real estate business… It is not just about Real Estate when you truly want a client to believe in you and that you are the best choice to represent them in the process. If you love boating, hiking, or DIY projects.

Pinterest is the best place to tap into those connections immediately.

RESULTS: You will see more engagement on Pinterest over time, and potential clients will get to know you personally.

Quick Pinterest Hacks for Real Estate Agents

Here are a few hacks that I wish I had known early on and help you start or optimize your Pinterest account:

  • Start a Business Pinterest or convert your existing page to one to follow the numbers.
  • The Bio is so important. Use this to share who you are and how you serve.  
  • Optimize each pin with a caption and 3 hashtags to each pin that relates to the post. 
  • Canva Pro helps those who need a little help with pin creation and creativity.
  • Follow your analytics closely to see what works best and what you may want to incorporate later.

Last but not least… remember to have fun with it! Pinterest makes marketing fun and not a chore.

What do you think about using Pinterest for real estate agents? It’s grown my business overnight, and I can’t recommend it enough!

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