Not many think of Orlando, Florida when they think of technology, BUT this area is rapidly becoming a prominent force in the technology world.  Comcast recently announced they would be purchasing a 475-acre property near Universal Orlando for $130 million according to The Real Deal. 

Comcast has yet to reveal what their plans are regarding the purchase, but it is obvious that development will be forthcoming.

Orlando, Florida, is contained within what is known as the “High Tech Corridor.”  This encompasses 23 counties across the State of Florida and is connected by three research universities, more than 20 local and regional economic development organizations, 14 community and state colleges, 12 regional workforce boards, countless industry groups and the thousands of innovative companies that call this region home. This is according to Florida High Tech.

With Florida having welcomed 105 million tourists in 2015, one can only conclude that businesses will continue to see the enormous opportunity in this area and people will continue to find the Florida lifestyle appealing.  According to Will Seccombe, president and chief executive officer of Visit Florida, the state’s tourism authority, said Florida’s the first state to surpass 100 million international and out-of-state visitors. This information is from the Orlando Sentinel article “Florida Sees Record Tourism Numbers in 2015.”

If you are interested in calling Orlando, Florida your home then take a look at the Best Places to Work in Orlando, Florida. If you want a personal tour of what is available in homes, please contact me as I’ve been a lifelong resident and I know this area inside and out.