What You Need To Know Regarding Back To School Time In Orlando

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School is starting earlier this year for Central Florida kids. In Orange County, for example, the kids are starting classes on August 15th versus August 24th last year.   This makes our upcoming weekend very important and that is because in Florida we are lucky enough to have this season kick-off with a TAX-FREE shopping weekend.  It starts on August 5th and continues through August 7th. If you have kids then you most likely will want to take advantage of this perk for being a Floridian. There is no state or local sales tax on clothing $60 or less or on school supplies  $15 or less. For even more details, click HERE. 

Even if you do not have kids yourself, but would like to give back to the community you can always look into helping via the organization called “A Gift For Teaching.”  A Gift for Teaching (AGFT) has helped serve 338 public schools. Each year teachers spend on average $500 to $1,000 out of pocket on supplies for children whose families cannot meet the school supply demands. This organization’s mission is to improve public education by providing resources and surplus materials free to teachers for their students in need. They also have various programs that focus on aiding children in various segments such as –

  • A Gift for Music
  • Crafts with Conviction
  • School Smarts

Click HERE to learn more about these programs.

Another thing parents will need to do is get their children up to date with immunizations.  Here’s a list of where one can get “Free Back-to-School Shots for Their Kids in Orange County.”

One more thing is maybe you struggle with ideas for school lunches.  That’s where Pinterest comes in handy.  Here’s a Pinterest search reference of “back to school lunch ideas.” If you aren’t on Pinterest and do join, please look me up.  My account is .”Nicole Mickle – Orlando Homes & Living.” I look forward to sharing with you and exchanging ideas.

If you are in the process or have already relocated to the Orlando area and need further information regarding the schools, neighborhoods or anything, please reach out to me.  I’m a lifelong Floridian and my passion is in helping people settle down and make a new life here. Contact me at [email protected]. If you need to search for a home in the area, please click HERE.  I’d love to help you when you’re ready.

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