Southern Charm: Old Architectural Designs Are Now New – Nicole Mickle

Southern Charm: Old Architectural Designs Are Now New

New Homes in Orlando requires new development in order to serve our growing population and increase available inventory of homes. What I am most excited about is how old architectural designs are now new. One of the most popular elements is the front porch design which is one of the buyers’ favorites in the Winter Garden/ Oakland, FL area.

In the 1850-1900’s era, the architectural design element which was most popular was the porch.

This touches upon the individual porch designs, but I’d like to showcase some examples from Pinterest as well.



Outdoor living in Florida is always top on my clients must have list. In an area where year-round sunshine is abundant, who can blame them.

Buyers today love the vintage design details of a front porch as it takes them back to a simpler time when the conversation with the community began here and stories were told while taking a rest from the day’s activities. I think in our busy world people crave simplicity and rest, and that’s just what the front porch beckons.

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