Selling Your House W/Nicole



Who you hire as your Orlando area listing agent matters. It not only impacts your bottom line but also impacts your timeline and your sanity!

Our mission is to sell your Orlando area home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time, and with minimal stress. Keywords are minimal stress; you will experience some stress throughout this process despite our efforts. It’s important that we make sure everything goes smoothly so you can focus on other aspects of life during this move. Our plan consists mostly around organization and efficiency – these are two qualities which separate us from others in this industry!


There are plenty of non-traditional options to sell or help sell your house. While most agents are stuck in their ways, we love looking and vetting new and lucrative ways to get your home sold. Since we work directly with tech companies and are the only team that Inman Ambassadors, we get to help bring new products and services into the Central Florida market.

A few non-traditional options that we have are:

  • Trade-in
  • Remodel To Sell
  • iBuyer
  • Sell Directly To Hedge Fund
  • Sell Into Investment REI

You’ve done your research and have a list of the top Orlando real estate agents you want to work with. You’ve looked online at reviews, agent track records and experience, talked to friends and neighbors for recommendations as well as checking out who’s best fit is based on gut feeling before reaching us. We care deeply about our clients’ needs & commitment to outstanding results so we should be a good match for each other!

If you think we may be a good fit, please reach out with a call or email to schedule a complimentary initial consultation via phone or Zoom.  OR, fill out our Seller Worksheet below to get started!

The Basics
I simplify the options available. Whether you are looking to sell fast, prefer leasing your home back, staging in design, or corporate cash offers. My goal is to create a strategy that is stress-free and maximizes profit.
Pictures & Video
You've seen those ugly pictures of homes! A lot of agents, to save cost, just take them on their phones. That's gross on many levels. You need a professional who hires professionals to take pictures, videos, tours, floorplans, staging, landing pages, etc! That is what I do...
I know how to market & I will sell your home!
Without great marketing, nobody will see your home. My team and I are experts at traditional marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing. We actually teach agents across the nation how to do what we do!