Orlando’s Tech Industry is growing and so is housing!

Orlando's Tech Industry is growing and so is housing!

The technology industry is something that has been growing for quite awhile in Orlando and not a lot of folks are aware of it. It seems that every day I receive articles announcing technology firms are hiring and today was no exception.

Tech jobs alert: 5 Firms to hire 100+ Orlando Workers – This article came from the Orlando Business Journal and it said that there are 5 technology firms which are looking to fill some vacancies. If you know of someone who lives in the Orlando area OR who would like to move to Orlando then this might be a great opportunity for them.  Have them contact me and I’d be happy to introduce them to the areas and neighborhoods in Orlando with homes that will fit their specific lifestyles and tastes.

With all the new jobs comes the people, and with that, housing demands arise.  In Central Florida, we have several options to choose from including pre-existing or new construction.  I thought I would introduce you to some new construction communities in this particular segment, but if pre-existing is your taste then please click HERE to search for those or contact me and I’ll assist you. Here are some new communities –

1. Windermere Trails located in Windermere FL.
2. Watermark located in Winter Garden, FL.
3. Latham Park located in Winter Garden, FL .
4. Summerlake Groves located in Winter Garden, FL.
5. Oakland Park located in Winter Garden.
6. Ruby Lake located in Dr Philllips, FL.
7. Havencrest located in Orlando/Dr Phillips area.
8. Estancia located in Windermere.

Search the homes below or as I said, contact me today to assist you. I look forward to it.


[listings market=”mfrmls” polygon=”$9675d277416cde655813f5993a9d6633|$d373866691b555016c540a7d98888a80|$6ab9dade0e3a93eb73e88bda08794bce” polynames=”Windermere|Winter Garden|Clubhouse Estates of Dr. Phillips” newConstruction=”1″ listingType=”residential” sortfield=”listingDate” sortorder=”desc” pageSize=”12″ grid_size=”3″ map=”1″ pagination=”1″ search_widget=”1″]

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