5 Tips to Stage Your Orlando Home for Sale

Many sellers want to know how to prepare their homes for sale quickly and at a profit. If you want to learn how to stage your home for sale, follow these steps to make your home interior look more appealing to potential buyers.

Recently I received a message from a friend who wanted me to prepare her home for sale in Orlando. She noticed that I did not have a blog post or a checklist I could quickly reference or share so here we go!

This is a quick reference of my process on how to stage your home for sale. I will also explain why this works to sell your home for top dollar and feel organized and in control of your new chapter in your life.  Yes, this process comes with a splash of therapy so get ready!

5 Steps to Stage Your Home Like a Professional

My main recommendation is to declutter your home. This can be time-consuming and for some super emotional!

Even if you lived in this home for 2 or 20 years.  You have created memories no matter the length of time. Decluttering is a two-step process.

During the first part, you need to decide what you no longer need or want. In my experience, most people move too much from space to the next.

This is a perfect process to hire a professional that you trust to help you organize and purge strategically. This is more about preparing for the next house of what you want that space to look like.

Here are a few places to start:


Remove items in your personal library.  You can purge certain books, but if you can’t process ever purging your books. I would suggest packing them away for now and only keeping a few on the shelf.

Shelf styling will allow you to highlight a few items, but it also allows the new buyer a way to see how they can style this space with their own items.


Purge old items and make packing easy.  This is also an area home buyers look at.  Kitchens are important and the storage space within that kitchen is as well.


Purge items that you know you will not use again. Items in excellent condition good can be sold online or you could host a garage sale.

Garage sales make a profit, but it is also a perfect opportunity for potential buyers to get the word out a new home is coming soon to the market.  It also allows for you to give away to Goodwill or your favorite charity in need of items.

Under Cabinets

Most of your cabinets and drawers need some storage organizers, which is just an Amazon order away!


Follow the same process for your garage. It’s a great way to organize, purge and donate.

These five areas may seem simple but will keep you busy for hours and literally make your move an easier transition. More importantly, it will add more money to your bottom line.

Most people do not have the ability to see beyond the clutter.  By allowing them to see minimal amounts of stuff increases your chances they want to make it their home.

Learn more about how I can help you sell your home here.