How to Design Your Kitchen in a Few Easy Steps

Do you have a kitchen that needs an overhaul? Maybe you need help with the design or renovations. I love to help my clients by sharing ideas or ways they can do updates on their own. Many clients are excited about getting to the design process because they have followed some of their favorite interior designers online and the end product is amazing.  Or maybe they have their favorite HGTV designer in mind when they are finally making the leap to build and design their home.  I have seen a lot of transformations and new kitchens over the years and many trends change while some staples remain the same.  So I will share a little of my process to help them get started.  The first thing I do is ask them to provide me pictures of their top 3 kitchens and tell me why they like them.  

Once I have an understanding of my client’s tastes and what they like, I can present other options that they may be interested in. I can show them options for backsplashes, flooring, or countertops they may not have considered before.

Here is what I normally discover:

Cabinet Color

Color Combo is often at the top of their list.  A few years ago everyone wanted a white kitchen, but in 2018 those trends changed.  Now I am seeing more dark kitchen cabinetry paired with neutral tones.  

Bright Space Grey cabinets with neutral-toned countertops are the perfect example of the new trends we are seeing. These cabinets look updated and beautiful but don’t have the upkeep that an all white kitchen may require.


Those who still love white kitchen cabinets are sprucing up their spaces with backsplashes that have a pop of color or different patterns. This adds visual interest against the brightness of the cabinets.

White Kitchen with Backsplash

There are many different options when it comes to a backsplash. From adding visual interest, a pop of color, or cohesiveness to the design of your kitchen, you have a great deal of room for creativity available.


Flooring, especially in Florida needs special consideration. Not only does it need to complete the look of your kitchen, but it also needs to be durable. In Florida homes, you want to share options that are going to last with water intrusion and are durable.  Those are key factors because of the amount of foot traffic and potential hurricane or storm damages that may happen.

Tile Flooring with a look of Wood is the most popular


Countertops are very much personal preference. I’ve been seeing a lot of granite and quartz counters and both are beautiful. Quartz is more durable and less porous than granite, which makes it easier to keep clean if that is a worry for your clients. But if pricing is more important, granite usually has a lower price range. Both look beautiful, so you can’t go wrong either way.

Dark Cabinets with White Counter Tops

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