Horizon West Attracts Many And Here’s Why!


Just two years ago a headline appeared that read, “Horizon West community sets the pace for fastest growth” and they weren’t kidding! There are many reasons why Horizon West attracts many today, but let’s first learn how Horizon West was formed.

The land that Horizon West sits on was once orange groves. The owners of those orange groves met for coffee back in the 80s and brainstormed a way to make the most of the groves that had been devastated by a series of freezes. Out of that meeting, they were led to the idea of developing the first of its kind master-planned community in Florida, which would contain a series of villages. Each village would have an activity center that would be a meeting place for the community, as well as providing a walkable and convenient lifestyle. No need to hop in the car to go shopping if you lived here. Okay, now we’ll look at a few reasons why people are choosing Horizon West to call home.

First: Location. The highway affords easy access to several popular locations such as SR 429 connecting to Interstate 4 giving residents a direct line into Apopka and to much of Central Florida. There’s also access to the metro Orlando’s western beltway. So the location factor definitely plays a big part in the development success of this area.

Second: Walkability. The community strongly encourages a walking vibe over cars. Purely from a sense of how it has been structured and planned out. There isn’t that “urban sprawl” feel that so many suburbs tend to have. Horizon West includes five mixed-use villages surrounded by greenbelts, as well as a Town Center. The Center is what draws the residents in.

Third: Shopping. There are 5 convenient shopping centers for the residents to enjoy.

  1. Central Parc at Bridgewater Crossing which is located next to Keene’s Crossing Elementary School and within easy walking distance for many residents in the nearby community.
  2. Hamlin Town Center will feature an array of restaurants and shops that are easily accessible by walking paths to nearby neighborhoods.
  3. Lakeside Village Windermere is located off of 535 and Reams Roads behind Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This was one of the first new shopping centers developed for the growth in Horizon West.
  4. Westside Shoppes which is a fairly new plaza that opened in early 2018 in Windermere. It is located off of 535 and close to Lakeside Village. This plaza was opened with the intent of bringing much needed retail and restaurant space to the area.
  5. Windermere Village will be a new plaza located next to Windermere High School at the intersection of Winter Garden Vineland Road 535 and Summerport Village Pkwy/Fiquette Road. Originally this site would have been the location of the Windermere High School Football Stadium, but concerns about noise and traffic from nearby residents prevented the stadium from being built.

Fourth: Employers. There are a vast array of opportunities to work right on the same premise as where you live. That old “Work, Live, Play” saying could have been written about this area. This is especially true if you are in the Healthcare field as you have multiple opportunities for employment at Horizon West, such as the Orlando Health Emergency Room and Medical Pavilion – Horizon West and the Medical Offices at the Orlando Health Freestanding Emergency Room and Medical Pavilion at Horizon West.

The changes are coming as fast as the growth in this area. It really is an interesting lifestyle to consider if relocating from out of State or even relocating from within Orange County. I will do more articles regarding this particular spot because there’s a lot to know about. I didn’t even delve into the specific communities, but that’s my next blog.

Contact me and I’ll give you a private tour and/or answer any questions you might have.

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I can’t picture exactly where this is. It sounds like. ” heaven”. Maybe when I come to Orlando ( home), I will. Check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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