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If you are looking for something to spruce up your next dinner party or even Thanksgiving dinner then you’ll want to try Tablesscaping. This is a trending term which means decorating/styling your table in order to set a mood, reflect an occasion and/or reflect your creative side. The term actually dates back to the medieval era about 1000 years ago. Tablescapes are a way of decorating your table with a theme of whatever the occasion is you are celebrating and the food you are serving.

People aren’t waiting until their next formal event or wedding to try this trend as it can be expressed in so many ways. There are infinite opportunities to “WOW” your guests. You can go with a minimalist idea or something more elaborate. Here are a few of my favorites from Instagram:

Casa de Perrin @casadeperrin

website: casadeperrin.com

A company that you can rent vintage pieces to curate some of the most exquisite tables and they have an awesome story of how they created this company! Check out their page and I am sure you will love their pieces.

Kevin Lee Productions @kevinleeproductions


Another chic party at the Beverly Hills Hotel!

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website: kevinleeproductions.com

Known for the most elaborate decor and Celebrity Weddings. Another one of my favorites is a family table beautifully decorated for a wedding in the Beverly Hills Hotel featured on International Event Co @internationaleventco on Instagram.

website: ruffledblog.com

Lastly, here is a blog known for their Weddings, Lifestyle and entertaining events. A fun place to spend a few extra minutes.


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Stunning at every angle! #LuxuryInteriors @tollbrothers 📸 @iorlandorealestate

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