6 Ways To Convert A Spare Bedroom

Many of us have been spending more time at home, this is allowing us to see our homes with a new lense. Many of my clients have the time now to spend completing old projects, starting new ones, and redesigning their homes. That extra time or extra bedroom can take on a new life! Here are a few ideas to help you transform that spare bedroom or space from a room with no purpose to a room that is useful and inspiring.

Craft or Hobby Room

With more time at home, we’re finally able to take time to discover new hobbies or spend time doing things we enjoy. Puzzles, knitting, painting, and more! This is the perfect chance to convert a space you can use in your home to take time for yourself or discover a new hobby.

Home Office

Redesign this space so that it functions for your new life of working from home. Before many of us were not working from home and maybe just utilized this room on the weekends or to check emails. But now that it’s taken on new life and many of us may be working from home the rest of the year, or perhaps you’re making the change to working from home full time. This is the perfect opportunity to organize this space so that it is more useful to yourself and your family.


Transform this space into a closet! I get more and more requests for bigger closets or dressing rooms, this can be a place you can showcase your collection of handbags, shoes, or sunglasses. An area perfect for playing dress-up or applying your makeup. Most of the time people have so many items they want to keep but aren’t able to utilize the space they’re sharing with a spouse or partner. This is the perfect opportunity to convert that into a useful room.

Music Room or Studio

Now that you’re able to take time to focus on the things that make you happiest. You could transform this space for your family or yourself into a room that you can use to create music. Whether this is for entertainment for yourself or to start a new opportunity that you’ve been putting off, use this space to focus on yourself and be inspired to create more music.

Playroom or Movie Room

A playroom for your children, or even a movie room/hang out space for your family. Perfect for game nights, movie nights, or a place for your family and kids to hang out without worrying about the mess that may come from toys or other items. The best part about this room is you can shut the door and nobody would know it was there.

Zen Room

My personal favorite is this. A room with zero technology, and a place where you can relax, read, meditate, knit, or whatever other activity brings you peace and relaxation. Pick a funky theme that you may not put in the rest of your house or colors that inspire joy and wellbeing. Whatever brings you a sense of peace is key for this room.

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