5 Ways To Add a Custom Look To Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of your home.  You are cooking and entertaining in there, the kids are doing homework, you’re sipping your morning coffee and scrolling through your phone. So when you’re planning to buy new construction or buying a fixer upper it’s the first place you’ll want to start. Today I’m sharing some of my must have upgrades so you can design a custom kitchen that’s not only functional but fabulous. 

All those episodes on HGTV have you fantasizing about your dream kitchen with all the right finishes. Let’s bring you back to earth for a quick minute and then we’ll go back to the fun stuff. I promise. Let’s talk about budget. Whether it’s a $375K purchase price or $1.5 million, you want your money to stretch. Remember you have the rest of the house to design. 

You can get so caught up in what you see and want that you don’t realize you can get that custom look you want while saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars. What most homebuyers miss is that even in new construction or major renovations, there are quick, affordable options that can instantly add luxury to your home.  

Here’s how to get a custom look for your kitchen, so you get the look you want while staying on budget by focusing on these five areas.

1. Your kitchen island/bar

So much more than cooking happens in the kitchen. You read the paper, kids are doing homework, you’re sorting the mail, you’re sitting with your iPad or laptop scrolling through Facebook or searching for those shoes you have to get.  Having a party, everyone’s gathered there. With all the time you spend in there, make it beautiful. 

Make it a focal point with something as simple as painting it a different color than the kitchen cabinets. Another option is a nice tile on the side where the bar stools will be placed.  Have an open floor plan? Use your island to break up a monochromatic room in style.

2. pendant lighting

Gone are the days of the single kitchen light you see in older Florida homes. New construction builders know how important lighting is in home design. Suspended from the ceiling,  pendant lighting can be both functional and stunning. The options for shades, designs, colors, and materials are endless as even the chain, wire or pole that suspends your light from the ceiling can complement any style. You have a great opportunity to layer your lighting by choosing to put pendant lights over your kitchen island while keeping a few recessed (cam) lights. Make your kitchen island a focal point with pendant lights that bring beauty, drama, and ambiance to your home.

3. Backsplash

Your backsplash does double duty.  Yes, it’s there to protect your walls from stains and moisture but it can also change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. The design possibilities are endless. Whether you choose a classic white subway tile or go with add that pop of color or one with a nice texture there are options to fit your design style. Go a step further and create a custom design with chevron or staggered pattern. Once again this is a cost-effective design upgrade that goes a long way in giving you a custom kitchen that looks gives you that “Wow” look.

4. Cabinets

As a good part of your budget, this is where you learn to look at your needs and wants.  For instance, I worked with a homeowner who was able to get Level 2 cabinets instead of Level 5 and have them done in two-tone colors. From them money she saved, besides getting the look she wanted, we added  the pot filler for those huge Sunday dinners and added the patio for big family barbecues or the cool nights to sit and relax with a glass of wine.  

So go ahead and add an eye-catching design by using different color cabinets to complement your kitchen island. You get a custom look instead without blowing your budget. The visual interest this adds will make it not only a focal point that makes a statement but will make a great gathering spot that makes everyone feel right at home.

5. Hardware

Kitchen hardware is an easy and cost effective way to give your kitchen that high end look.  It may seem like a small design decision, but like the right accessory that takes an outfit from meh to amazing, choose kitchen hardware that has a significant impact.

Current design trends lean toward gold and rose gold based, but whether your taste is more traditional, eclectic or modern, choose kitchen cabinet knobs, pulls and handles that add instant style! 

All upgrades are not created equal.

There are literally hundreds of upgrades you can choose from.  You aren’t always going to know the exact upgrades that fit the unique needs of your family and which you can pass up on.  Because I make it my business to build relationships with the new construction builders in the Orlando area, visit and study the model homes and upgrades they offer, my clients always get more house for their money. 

Don’t depend on a builder to show you the ins and outs of getting what you want.  Leave the negotiating for upgrades and finishes to a realtor who specializes in new construction, knows interior design trends and has a relationship  with the builder. This removes the stress of second-guessing every decision so you can save money, get the look you want and be in your dream home before you know it.

Book a Dream Home Discovery Call to start the process of choosing your new construction home in beautiful Orlando. Bring all your design ideas, Pinterest boards, and Houzz accounts for our first meeting. Before we talk about your price point, I want to listen to you describe what kind of home you want for your family and what’s important to you living in Orlando.

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In addition, I’m the author behind Florida Homes and Living, a blog dedicated to sharing valuable content about Orlando, interior design, remodeling, and the Florida lifestyle.

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