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7 Trends That Are Attracting Buyers

Buyers in Orlando, Florida are choosing homes which allow them to utilize outdoor spaces year around. There are also some indoor spaces which are important as well. Here’s what they are drawn to.

1.  Courtyards – Courtyards are favorable here in Orlando.  When you enter a courtyard you are transported from hustle and bustle to peace and serenity and that’s the feeling most all of us want when we come home.  Some courtyards have outdoor fireplaces and beautiful seating areas which beckon one to sit and enjoy a cocktail or a morning cup of coffee.  Our home which we spotlight above has this desirable feature.

2.  Outdoor Kitchens – Outdoor kitchens go with the outdoor lifestyle which is so popular here. Homes with top of the line open-air cooking centers along with dining spaces that rival indoor settings are a huge appeal to buyers.

3.  Game Rooms & Home Theaters – People are purchasing new homes in Orlando just because of these rooms.  They are appealing to this area because they replace the lack of finished basement space.  Having the option to have friends or family over to play some pool or watch a movie are definitely an attractive quality.  Some even use these in a multi-purpose function serving both a game room and playroom.  The possibilities are abundant.

4.  Gourmet Kitchens – Buyers are also looking for kitchens which have top of the line appliances and even some hi-tech amenities.  Programmable ovens and microwaves that can “sense” when something is cooked. Yes, technology definitely does excite buyers and kitchens do sell homes.

5.  Energy Efficiency – Buyers want homes which are energy efficient, such as the home featured in this blog.  This is probably the second most important quality to people looking for a home in Orlando.

6.  Spa-Like Bathrooms– Master bathrooms which have a spa-like quality attract buyers the most. Some come equipped with dual-head showers, oversized showers, and whirlpool tubs.  The key is relaxation and again, our featured home has this special quality.

7.  Meditation Rooms– Yes, believe it or not. This can simply be a bedroom which has been turned into a serene, feng shui style space for meditating or doing yoga.  This is a new trend which appears to have appeal with many people.


If you are in the Orlando, Florida area or are contemplating a move here, I hope you will reach out to me.  Being a lifelong resident in the area I offer expert real estate and location assistance.  My passion is in matching you with the best home and location for your lifestyle.  Please contact me at Nicole@NicoleMickle.com or 407.353.0826. Also, the featured home is currently available.  I’d love to give you a personal tour.   




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